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CloudConsult is focused solely on the TAS industry and it’s crucial niche in the Contact Center industry.  We recognize that your service effectively serves as the 911 site in your town - you are expected to answer calls 24/7/365 and be the single service still functioning during holidays, power outages, and natural disasters. Doctors, service providers and businesses of every kind depend on you to connect them with the people they serve quickly and efficiently.

Our consulting sales and services can review/examine your operation and suggest ways to make your site even more efficient. We access a vast technology marketplace and we filter through all of the powerful solutions in the contact center arena and bring back just the right tools that can give your TAS a deeper level of service and competitive advantage.

We partner with Cloud Tech Gurus, a group of highly experienced Global Contact Center Advisors, who have access to over 300 of the top contact center technology companies and their resources. Through them, we research solutions and direct you to disruptive Contact Center Technologies that can help you integrate more deeply with your current customer base and expand your business into new verticals. 

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TAS Solutions

CloudConsult is your TAS-seasoned expert inside the technology marketplace. We are expert in the requirements particular to TAS, including scripting and dispatch, reporting, billing stats, HIPAA compliance, resiliency, and more. We can help you match contact center technology to your specific needs.

TAS Insights

CloudConsult is passionate about exploring emerging technologies in the telecommunications and contact center fields. We’re excited about introducing new ideas and solutions into the TAS market through posting articles, hosting webinars, and serving on the ATSI education and CAM-X technology committees. Stay tuned!

TAS Consulting

Your passion and unique skills position you perfectly to expand services both to your current customer base and to new verticals you may never have pursued before. It will take strategically leveraging the tools you already have and adding technology that can unlock new opportunities. CloudConsult can help.

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