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CallShaper’s Cloud-Based TAS Platform is designed to save time and money while providing a simple, flexible, and powerful platform to help you exceed your clients’ needs every day!

Vendor Overview

CallShaper has been changing the contact center landscape since 2012.  Our cloud based call and contact center software helps call centers of all types. Sales, BPO’s, Marketing, Customer Service, and Answering Services are among the industries CallShaper has helped to streamline their businesses to better meet the needs for their organization and clients.

Vendor Features

Key Features


• Simple interface keeps agents focused.
• Create Scripts, IVRs, and settings FAST.
• Reporting is easy to find and decipher
• Create new Programs in hours not weeks.
• No need for expensive hardware and software.


• 100% Cloud based with all the power you need!
• Dynamic Scripting, native QA and integrated AI create expert agents in days not weeks.
• Monitor, Barge, Whisper, and Chat to keep your team on message!
• Multiple integrations, if you need it, we can probably do it!


• Agents need to work from home? Check.
• Need to outsource some shifts? Gotcha!
• Want to check on the team while on vacation? You bet!
• Want to provide real time call transcripts to your clients? Gotcha covered!

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