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Convergence Networks

Fueled by outstanding customer service and a passion for innovative technology, Convergence Networks is a leading managed service and managed security service providers.

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For over 20 years Convergence Networks has been setting the bar and leading by example in IT and cybersecurity, empowering people and businesses to leverage technology securely and meet compliance requirements. With the introduction of cybersecurity mandates, business leaders find themselves in new territory, facing difficult decisions about strategic priorities, cybersecurity needs, remote work demands and budget uncertainties.

Convergence knows what you’re dealing with: we've helped Michigan-based businesses navigate these unique IT and cybersecurity challenges for years and you can trust us to help chart your path. Whether you are looking to co-manage or fully outsource your technology services, or deploy a robust cybersecurity program, Convergence will meet your business needs and be your guide as new industry requirements and demands happen.

Vendor Features

Key Features

Local Dedicated Service with a National Scale

We have now grown to a much larger scale; yet our roots are in the very communities where we started. We have people throughout North America who can pick up the phone or answer an email to help a person solve a problem. However, we have continued our local focus. When a client needs someone to come to their building, we have an incredible Team who can do that.

Technology Guidance & Planning

We believe that the value a business receives from technology lies in its ability to provide a strategic advantage through eliminating inefficiencies, increasing collaboration, solving inhibitors to growth, and protecting the organization.

Full Stack Cybersecurity Offerings

We put security first. We believe that proactive cybersecurity prevention, monitoring and recovery is foundational for all businesses. Our security professionals provide our clients with the most complete and sophisticated cybersecurity services.

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