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Vendor Overview

Startel Contact Center Solutions use smarter technology, stronger partners, and expert guidance to bring your contact center’s production and customer satisfaction to the next level!

From training wheels to high powered contact center operations our scalable CMC evolves with your business no matter what stage of growth you’re in. 

Startel is one of the easiest contact management systems to train on.  Your staff will love Startel’s Flexible Agent Interface as they gain freedom to customize windows, matching systems they might already have experience using.  Many contact center managers boast of the fraction of time it takes to train confident and productive customer service representatives with Startel.

And now with CMC RestAPI enabled you can allow custom designed software to request information directly, in real time, from your Startel CMC database. This in turn allows the creation of custom applications to meet specialized needs.  You can automatically pull information into customer CRMs, create reporting tools and/or mobile apps for you or your customer’s business. It even allows Contact Centers to partner with other Contact Centers in situations where call overflow support is necessary. 

Vendor Features

Key Features

Easy to Train & Manage

Onboarding new agents is super-fast and super-easy with Startel’s Flexible Agent Interface! With the freedom to customize their windows your agents will become confident and productive in a fraction of the time it used to. Many contact center managers and trainers boast the ability to fully train customer service representatives within days using the Startel CMC. The Startel CMC also utilizes their tried-and-true SoftSwitch to route calls based on skill level, queue priority and user defined scenarios.

Scalability On Demand

Startel works best no matter what stage of growth a company is in. You could be a small-scale start-up with only 1-2 agents or a multi-seat contact center with 100’s even 1000’s of clients. It doesn’t matter. With CMC RestAPI enabled you can integrate with more applications than ever before!

Service & Experience

Although Startel was founded over 40 years ago, they continue to evolve with industry standards and contact management center technology. Throughout that evolution, personalized customer service has remained the feature that drives our customers into a long-lasting relationship with us. All clients, no matter what their size get the responsiveness and respect of a suite level client.

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